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Bob Gillespie

Bob Gillespie

Speaking on behalf of

Answers in Genesis

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Answers in Genesis is known for the Creation Museum near Cincinnati and their life-changing apologetics seminars with Ken Ham and others. Answers in Genesis is dedicated to upholding the authority of God’s Word from the first verse and proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ.


About the Gillespies

Bob and Lois Gillespie

Bob and Lois Gillespie spent the first 25 years of their married life in Northeast Ohio near their home church Pleasant Hill Baptist Church, Smithville, before becoming missionaries in West Africa, and then to America with Answers in Genesis. They have 2 grown married children and 3 granddaughters.


Ministry Reports

Bob and Lois taught in Christian schools in Ohio for 14 years before serving for 2 terms at mission schools in West Africa. Currently, they are working with Answers in Genesis. Bob is teaching some of the same things to churches in America that he taught his students for 25 years.


Gillespie Greetings


Going back to 2001, these updates and greetings cover the Gillespies' 2 terms in Africa, including their incredible stories about God's protection while caught in a war zone, their subsequent evacuations, and God's direction and blessing as they minister with Answers in Genesis.