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Bob Gillespie

Bob Gillespie

Speaking on behalf of

Answers in Genesis

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Answers in Genesis is known for the Creation Museum near Cincinnati and their life-changing apologetics seminars with Ken Ham and others. Answers in Genesis is dedicated to upholding the authority of God’s Word from the first verse and proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Here is what some others have said...feel free to contact them for more info.

We were delighted to have Bob Gillespie in our church for a one day Answers in Genesis seminar (Feb. 8, 2015). His style of ministry connected with a vast age span in our church. His material was both challenging in depth but understandable, which is a real gift in a speaker. Our people really enjoyed his ministry and I would heartily recommend him and his dear wife as valuable resources in arming the church for the culture war. They also have such a servant’s spirit that I consider as equally valuable to a church. Senior Pastor Jim Stultz, Peace River Baptist Church, Punta Gorda, Florida 


Another pastor writes: Bob and Lois Gillespie were with us on March 30, 2014, at Clear Fork Alliance Church in Bellville, Ohio.  Bob was our guest speaker for an Answers in Genesis emphasis.  He spoke four times and every presentation was excellent.  Not only were Bob's presentations professionally done but his warm personality and excellent ability to communicate combined to make our experience a true blessing.  During our church dinner and in our informal interaction at the resource tables and at break times both Bob and Lois exhibited a friendliness that made it seem like they were part of our church family.  We were truly blessed and challenged by our time with the Gillespies and I would highly recommend them as resource persons for an Answers in Genesis emphasis in local churches, conferences, camps and other settings.

A new program enables churches to take advantage of an Answers in Genesis conference at an affordable cost. Please consider holding an Answers in Genesis conference at your church or school.

Our goals are two-fold:

  1. to give believers confidence in believing the historical accounts found in Genesis by showing that science actually confirms what the Bible says and contradicts man's ideas;
  2. to explain why we are seeing the collapse of Christian America and are loisng 2/3 of our young people, and what the church must do to reach a younger generation.

We are flexible to your needs, but let me suggest the following two formats:

1. The most popular choice - Sunday only

a. Sunday School - Genesis: Where History Begins (aka The 7 C's of History). Many Christians assume billions of years of evolution is “science,” so they try to fit it into the Bible. They don’t realize that billions of years of evolution is the atheist’s belief of how we got here without God. The Word of God does tell us how He created and how long ago it was. This talk explains that the events as described in Genesis 1-11 are real historical accounts and are foundational to the rest of scripture and its authority. It is exciting for Christians to see that the observational science confirms what God’s Word actually says. The rest of this talk covers our true history: creation, the fall, the Flood, the Ice Age, and the tower of Babel. It answers some of the most asked questions: How old is the earth? Why is there death and suffering in the world? How did Noah fit all those animals on the ark? (A similar talk is Noah's Flood - Seriously? This talk is still based on the 7 C's of History, but includes more info about Noah, the Ark and the Flood.)

b. Sunday morning - Genesis - Does It Really Matter? (aka The Key to Reclaiming the Culture). Our nation is more divided today than we have ever been since the Civil War. The dividing issue is “Where do we find truth - in ourselves or God’s Word?”. Billions of years and evolution has so eroded the authority of scripture in our culture that even much of the church tells us we don’t have to believe that first part of the Bible. As a result, the younger generation is throwing the whole thing out; we are just beginning to reap the consequences in our nation. This presentation explains what compromise on God's Word has done to America and why the book of Genesis is vital to the gospel message.

c. Sunday evening – Session One: Dinosaurs and Dragons - In the Bible? The whole family will enjoy this talk as we answer the questions "Does the Bible really talk about dinosaurs?"  "Did dinosaurs really live millions of years ago or did God create them on day 6 with the rest of the animals?" "Wouldn’t Adam have been afraid of the dinosaurs?" "How could Noah get dinosaurs on the ark?" "What really happened to the dinosaurs?"

d. Sunday evening – Session Two: Missionary Evangelism in the USA (aka Creation Evangelism: Why Won't They Listen?). Why is it increasingly difficult to reach the younger generation? Why is the church in America experiencing at least a 70% casualty rate among our youth? This talk explains how the belief in billions of years and evolution has undermined the authority of scripture in our culture and as a result people are not listening to the gospel as much as they once did. This talk explains how to teach and witness more effectively in our postmodern culture.

2. Other options include (as a replacement for any of the above or for a longer conference):

a. Science and the BibleThis presentation is designed to clearly explain the difference between observational science and historical science. Many believe that evolution is scientific and based on facts and that a biblical view of origins is just a religious idea based on faith. This talk will show that what we observe confirms the Bible’s account of origins, exposing the different false beliefs about origins as unscientific.

b. How Do I Know the Bible is True? This title is not "How Can I Prove the Bible Is True."  Everyone starts out with a belief system, and proof of that believe system is always 'in the eye of the beholder.' Are there good reasons to be confident in the scriptures or do we just have blind faith? This talk will explain why evolutionists are the ones who go by blind faith while we have good reasons to believe the Bible. This talk also addresses some typical objections like "Hasn't science proven the Bible is a myth?" and "Can’t the Bible be interpreted any way you want; who knows what it means?"

c. The Young Earth. Is the age of the earth just an interpretation issue or is it a presupposition issue? Can we trust the Bible literally or do we have to look to modern science to help us figure out what the Bible says?  Do we have to accept atheistic scientific interpretations as truth and judge the Bible accordingly? We at Answers in Genesis start out with the belief that there should be no other authority outside of scripture that determines what the Bible means. All truth claims must be measured by what the Bible actually says. This is not just a blind faith position that goes against all the “facts” of science; there are good scientific evidences that confirm a young earth just as the bible says. 

d. Evolution MythbustersAs an outreach to seekers or to those who are convinced evolution is true, this talk is made up of short video clips of interviews with mainstream secular scientists who are questioning the basic tenants of evolution. The purpose is not to answer all the questions, but to put cracks in their armor of disbelief. By dealing with the typical “evidences” for evolution - fossils, mutations, finch beaks, etc., this talk points out that there is no observational evidence for evolution. This powerful presentation concludes with an animated tour of a living cell to illustrate how life could not have come about by spontaneous generation. After seeing this presentation, one Chinese university student shared with her Christian friend, “I have cracks in my armor of disbelief.”

e. Most Asked Questions and their answers. True to our name (Answers in Genesis), this session gives answers to those puzzling questions about Genesis and science. Many of these might be questions you are hesitant to ask for fear that some may doubt your faith. There are answers - is a good place to look for them! 

f. Modern History through Biblical Eyes. As a sequel to Building a Biblical Worldview, this talk is an overview of history from the Cross to the present illustrating the devastating effects of a non-biblical worldview. Image bearers were designed to “have dominion over the earth” and not be in bondage to nature or governments. When we act the way we were created to act - in individual freedom, initiative, and responsibility - we can live in greater peace and prosperity. God wants His image bearers to be a good reflection of His character while Satan only wants to steal, kill and destroy. We can learn much from seeing history from this perspective. This talk is designed for students and teachers.


Resources from Answers in Genesis are available for sale
at the conference for those who want to know more.